Lee Cranmer '17

100 years ago in 1920, Cal's football team, coached by SAE Andy Smith, who's name is on our HOF trophy, had probably the greatest season ever experienced by a college football team.Cal finished the season 9-0 and scored 510 points to the opponents 14. Cal went on to defeat Ohio State in the Rose Bowl 28-0.

One of the players on that team was a Cal Beta, Lee Cranmer.  He played every down both offense and defense. He was called the "Iron Man". 

This is the perfect time to honor Lee and induct him into our HOF, while recognizing Andy Smith as well, being the 100th anniversary of that amazing season.

After graduation from Cal, Lee and Cal quarterback Charlie Erb went to the University of Nevada in Reno and coached the football team for a few years. He then started an insurance agency called Pacific Group Agencies, providing group insurance options for cities and counties in California. He also insured large entities like unions. He was instrumental in helping to write California Insurance codes and passing legislation that stands today. He was widely respected in his field.  He moved from Piedmont to Beverly Hills  later in his life where he passed away in 1978.