Cal Beta Scholarship Recipients 2020/2021

David Dangond
Initiated in Fall 2019
Current House Manager
Sophomore majoring in Bioengineering and Data Science

From Boston. “Coming from out of state, my college tuition is a lot more expensive than that of most of my peers. I am extremely thankful for this scholarship because of the opportunity it gives me to help my parents financially and give back to a fraternity that means so much to me.”



Wyatt Grauman
Initiated in Fall 2019
UC Berkeley Cal Beta Chapter
Eminent Archon
Sophomore majoring in Economics and Minoring in Jewish Studies
Interested in financial management within the entertainment industry.

“The experiences that I have created with my brothers over the past two years have undoubtedly been the most memorable times that will stick with me for the rest of my life. This scholarship is extremely important to me because it allows me to focus on my academics, friendships, and being the best Eminent Archon possible without having to constantly worry about my financial barriers. It has given me the opportunity to take on more responsibility within the house and create greater connections with my brothers. Phi Alpha!”



Gavin Thomas Janis
Class of Fall 2018 

I have been a brother of SAE for three years now, and I have held the position of President, Vice President, and New Member Educator. These past three years have easily been the best years of my life, and I cannot thank the scholarship opportunity presented to me enough. Since sophomore year my personal situation has required me to cover all the expenses that come with attending Cal, so to say this scholarship has been helpful is an understatement. 

Thank you and Phi Alpha,

Gavin Janis 



Parker Bosche
Spring 2020

I joined SAE last spring and in that time have developed great friendships with so many of my peers. I can’t imagine my college experience without the memories and relationships I have formed in this house. I am a junior studying economics and this scholarship helps me focus in on my academics and makes it easier for me to succeed and take a more active role in the house which I am extremely grateful for. Phi Alpha!


Conner Taherian
Class of Fall 2019

I am currently a senior studying Political Economy, and will be working in finance after I graduate. I have been a part of SAE for almost two years now, and have held positions such as risk manager and treasurer. Not having to constantly worry about financial obligations thanks to this scholarship has been such a blessing, and has allowed me to take a greater role in this house. This scholarship has allowed me to enjoy my last semester at Cal and with all my brothers, so thank you again for this opportunity.

Thank you for everything, Phi Alpha!

Conner Taherian