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Dear Friends, 

Ross and I were originally scheduled to host a “BROTALK” about the NEW NORMAL in the Covid -19 world, and because we didn’t want to have to follow future Surgeon General Dr. Kurt Wharton’s now VIRAL  “BROTALK”, we decide to PUNT! 


So we called our good friends in the Athletic Department and found some FAR more interesting people to discuss things FAR more important!

We pretty much booked the “VIRTUAL ROLLING STONES” of Cal Athletics and have even decided to open our “BROTALK” to outside the sacred walls of SAE and will even invite our Bancroft Ave. neighbors the  Zetes and SNUs (aka “Browns)  and their esteemed alumni to our fireside chat because we welcome IFC DIVERSITY  and have signed a 100 year peace treaty to stop all aerial bombardment aka egg throwing, because the CDC and WHO have deemed that eggs are an important source of nutrition in the Covid-19 world and considered  wasteful if used as weapons of neighborly destruction (WND)!!

Please stay tuned for the formal Webex/Zoom invitation!

Go Bears/PA,