Paul G. Manolis ’49


  • Was the Cal Beta delegate to two Province Conventions (1950 and 1952)
  • Was the Cal Beta delegate to the 1951 SAE National Convention
  • Represented Cal Beta as a member of the UC Inter-Fraternity Council from 1950 to 1952
  • Was one of the installing officers at the chartering of California Kappa (Davis) in 1952
  • While working in the U.S. Senate, obtained the flag flying over the U.S. Capitol on March 9, 1956, the 100th Anniversary of SAE, and presented it to SAE National. It is now in the museum of the Levere Memorial Temple
  • Served as the Cal Beta chapter advisor for ten years and board member (several years as Chairman) for the Housing Corporation from 1977 to 1990
  • Attended three SAE Leadership Schools and served on the faculty (1980 to 1982)
  • Named by SAE National as the Outstanding Chapter Advisor in 1981
  • Received the Merit Key Award from SAE National in 1984
  • Wrote the early history of Cal Beta and presented it at the 100th Anniversary Celebration in 1994
  • Founded the 1894 Club (Cal Beta Alumni Association) and helped raise more than $100,000 in order to re-purchase the house in the early ‘90’s
  • Father of two SAE’s


  • Graduated from UC Berkeley with an AB in 1952
  • Named by President Sproul to the ASUC Judicial Committee from 1950 to 1952
  • Elected a member of the Golden Bear Society (Senior Men’s Honorary)
  • Received an MA from Harvard University in 1954
  • Served as President of the UC Berkeley Alumni Association of Washington DC
  • Worked as the Assistant to the Vice Chancellor and Director of Class Campaigns and Reunions (1982 to 1993)
  • Received the Merit Award as an Outstanding UC Berkeley Staff Member in 1986
  • Speaks regularly at the Lair of the Bear on UC History


  • Board of Directors, Oakland Boys Club, 1960 to 1965
  • Board of Directors, Oakland Museum, 1964 to 1972
  • Appointed by Governor Reagan to the California Arts Commissions, serving two terms as Vice Chairman from 1964 to 1972
  • Served two terms as Juror for the National Endowment for the Humanities from 1968 to 1969
  • Boy Scout Council, Piedmont, 1979 to 1984
  • Board of Directors, Piedmont Historical Society, 2005 to 2009
  • Board of Directors, Piedmont Educational Foundation, 2010
  • Board of Directors, Oakland Symphony
  • American Society of Newspaper Editors


  • 1954 – 1959, Executive Assistant to Senator William Knowland, Minority Leader of the US Senate
  • 1964 – 1974, Executive Editor of the Oakland Tribune
    • Board of Directors, The Tribune Publishing Company
    • Board, of Directors, The Tribune Building Company
    • Board of Directors, Franklin Investment Company
    • Board of Directors, First National Bank of Oakland
  • 1982 – 1993, UC Berkeley Director of Class Campaigns and Reunions
  • 1993 – 2001, Director of the Orthodox Institute, Graduate Theological Union
  • 1993 – 2009, Adjunct Professor, Graduate Theological Union


I am pleased to learn that Paul Manolis will be one of the inaugural inductees into the Cal Beta Hall of Fame. What a great idea to create a Hall of Fame and what a great decision to select Paul. I am sure he was a slam dunk choice.

I had the good fortune of meeting Paul during my years at Cal 1978-1983, and I have remained in contact with him over the years. He was Chapter Advisor when I was EA. He used to make the trip from Piedmont to the Bro House on many a Monday night for our chapter meetings, although he was wise enough to eat at home before driving over!

Through his soft-spoken manner he kept us in line without ruining the fun. He brought great pride and judgment to his role. I know Paul had a close pledge class, and I enjoyed the same PB camaraderie, but Paul taught me that SAE extends beyond your pledge class to span generations. He was as dedicated to us as he was to his own PBs. Under Paul’s watchful eye we were the #1 house on campus. We excelled in Rush, with our Little Sisters program, on the sporting fields, in the classroom, for community service and in the Pit at party time!

Paul has also been a personal mentor to me. He inspired me to raise my aspirations for life after CAL — academically, professionally, personally. He believed in me, challenged me and guided me in some important life choices. I still remember going over to Paul’s home on a Sunday afternoon in my senior year, with B-School application in hand, to get his suggestions on how I might strengthen my case in the essay. He always had something helpful to offer, no matter how big or small the issue.

About 10 years ago I brought my three children from Australia, where we live, back to the Bay Area. And of course I wanted to show them the CAL campus. I had contacted Paul to catch up on the same trip. Paul, being the True Gentleman that he is, invited us all to lunch at the Faculty Cub. It was a very special, memorable afternoon. After lunch he led us to the campus store and proceeded to buy each of the kids their first CAL cap. Go Bears!

So I heartily applaud Paul’s induction into the Cal Beta Hall of Fame. He has been devoted to SAE all of his adult life, and we are all the better for it. I know I am!

- Tom Saar ’83 


Hi Paul:

I want to congratulate you on your forthcoming induction into the SAE Hall of Fame.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the ceremony but I will be there in spirit.  I think you know I consider you one of the most important people in my life, an example and a mentor to me for many years.  I would not be where I am without your many inputs, encouragements, and guidance.  Thank you for all you have done for me, my family, and of course, SAE.  Yiassou!!

- Andy Gianulias ’53


Congratulations Paul Manolis

Dear Paul,

Each of the undersigned hereby sends his personal greeting and congratulations to you on the occasion of your induction into the California Beta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Hall of Fame. You have been a faithful and devoted supporter of Cal Beta over the years and an inspiration to the undergraduates who have been fortunate to know you as a longtime Chapter Advisor. Old and young grads alike are indebted to you for your recordation, preservation and publication of the history of our Cal Beta Chapter.

ΦA, Go Bears, and thanks Paul !

Witness our hands at Berkeley this nineteenth day of November 2010:

John Andrews (Cal Zeta) ‘47
Gilbert Beck Spring ‘48
Norm Dolby Fall ‘47
Duane Dresser Fall ‘46
Ted Jatho Spring ‘47
Edgar Kendrick Fall ‘47
Robert Logan Spring ‘48
Ronald Richards Spring ‘47
Pete Rush Springs ‘47
Bill Woolley Spring ‘47 

Paul Manolis and wife Elene with Paul’s Cal Beta SAE Andy Smith Hall of Fame trophy.