2722 Bancroft Photos

Straw Hat Band DD 2018
Andrew Funlap 2013
Duck Dinner 2018 1980s Table
Cal Football 2019 Schedule
Todd Wertman
May 2018 Graduating Class

We use Google to host most of our online Photo Albums, though some are hosted through separate services. Please select any of the following albums to view pictures from our fraternity:

Duck Dinner 2022
Family Weekend 2021
125th Festivities
Facebook Vol 2
Cal Beta Photos on Facebook Vol 1
Jack Leathers 2018
Duck Dinner 2018
Cal Beta Fall 2018
Jack Leathers 2017
Duck Dinner 2017
Duck Dinner 2016
Jack Leathers 2016
Duck Dinner 2015
Duck Dinner 2013
Hall of Fame Dinner 2013
Duck Dinner 2012
Duck Dinner 2011
Want to post a photo to our site?

We are always looking to add more pictures of our members to the site. Whether it’s an old photo from your college days or from a recent gathering of brothers, we want to feature your SAE pictures. If already in an electronic format, they can be sent by e-mail to this address: info@saecalbeta.org.

Make sure to identify which brothers are present and from what event or where the pictures were taken. Let us know if you only have “hard” copies of your photos, so we can give you instructions on where to mail them. Photos will be scanned and returned back to you as quickly as we can.