Greetings to all Prospective New Members, 

The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon look forward to meeting you all during Rush Week, and hope that you will consider us as a potential home during your time at UC Berkeley. We pride ourselves on being one of the most historic, safest, and socially-active fraternities at Cal, as well as leaders in the Greek community. We are looking for new members who share our drive for success both in the classroom and workplace, as well as our passion for brotherhood. 

You will find that being a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon provides opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. Our alumni network is vast and full of some of the most successful men to have ever enrolled at UC Berkeley. They are committed to supporting us through our undergraduate education, and provide insights, advice, and connections that are priceless in the ever-competitive job markets of today. As a brother of SAE, you get access to an online database with the contact information of all our past alumni, as well as the opportunity to meet them in-person at alumni events such as Duck Dinner, a longstanding tradition of the house that dates back over 100 years. 

We take a lot of pride in being able to prioritize our education while also managing to have a great time and create everlasting memories and friendships. In my time here, we have taken Winnebagos to away football games at places like USC and Oregon and flown to Las Vegas and rented out a penthouse for our winter formal. We also bond through a variety of intramural sports, ski trips to Tahoe, gameday parties, and so much more. The memories and friendships that I have built at 2722 Bancroft I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Since our founding in 1894, we have always emphasized the importance of giving back to the community. In the spring, we hold our annual South Seas volleyball tournament and party, which has been a tradition for decades, and has helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for ALS and other local charities. We also host a wide variety of other fundraisers and charitable activities throughout the year. 

We look forward to meeting you all during Rush Week. By joining Sigma Alpha Epsilon, you will make lifelong friends, build connections with successful alumni, and get the most out of your experience at UC Berkeley. 

Go Bears!

- Zak Robertson
President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

For more information please contact:

Will Heckler - Rush Chair

Zak Robertson - President