Thomas Andrew Rogers ’88

Pledge name “Part Time”, Spring ’88.

Known to all as “Andy”.

6’3”, 230 lbs, married, two children.

Graduated from the University of California Berkeley in Developmental Studies ’91. (Class of ’89).  Took that liberal arts degree right where it belonged, into the world of construction through a family heating and ventilating company.  Day dreaming as a subcontractor led to a return to a hidden creative side so I became a writer of advertising.  Otherwise known as the commissioned art by committee.  Currently I keep myself content sculpting the earth one parcel at a time doing real estate development in the Napa Valley.  Other pursuits include riding the absorbed power of the sun in the ocean, carving shapes into virgin snow, occasionally chasing a fuzzy yellow orb around in the hot sun, and swimming underwater with limited oxygen.  I enjoy world travel and dream of returning again and again to Italy, anywhere in the northern Mediterranean, and to my favorite traveling contradiction, a “night” club on the island of Havar named Carpe Diem.  I am humbled and honored to be inducted to the SAE Hall of Fame.