Herbert H. Dedo MD ’52


  • Started at Cal in 1951 and pledged SAE Cal Beta in spring of 1952
  • Transferred to UCLA Cal Delta for one year
  • Returned to Cal and graduated in 1954
  • Attended medical school at UCSF and graduated in 1958
  • Was an intern and resident at UCSF Medical Center from 1959 to 1963
  • Was awarded a fellowship from the National Institute of Health and spent 18 months in St. Louis, MO and one year in Hamburg, Germany becoming an expert in throat physiology and surgery
  • Returned to UCSF Medical Center as an assistant professor in 1966
  • Served as Vice Chairman of the Medical Center from 1971 to 1991 and Professor of Otolaryngology from 1982 to 2006
  • Retired from UCSF in October 2010
  • Son Bill also attended SAE Cal Beta and is now practicing medicine in Lafayette, LA


  • Became one of the world’s leading specialists in treating throat and larynx disorders and a pioneer in the use of the operating microscope and CO2 laser
  • Designed over 20 ENT surgical instruments including the Dedo larynxoscope
  • Wrote over 100 peer reviewed papers, two books and several book chapters
  • His atlas “Surgery of the Larnyx and Trachea” became the standard operating manual for throat surgeons around the world
  • Was awarded the prestigious Harris P. Mosher award in 1970
  • Gave over 200 invited lectures and was guest of honor of the National Otolaryngology Societies of Australia in 1986, Brazil in 1992, and Sweden in 1993